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Mackay Surf Girl 2019/2020- Keesha Close

This morning we presented 8 of our nippers with a haul of medals that they won at the North Barrier Branch Championships which included 8 clubs from Sarina to Townsville.

For these nippers who love the surf sports aspect, they train anywhere from 3 to 6 times per week in a number of disciplines
which includes pool swimming, board training, ironperson training and beach (flags and sprints) – Now that is the fitness 🏃‍♀️🏄‍♂️🏊‍♂️🏋️‍♀️

5 of our nippers/youth from under 11s to 15 were also selected in the North Barrier Branch Youth Team who will travel to the Sunshine Coast in March to Compete at the QLD Youth State Titles


Welcome to the January issue of the Nipper Newsletter! We hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Christmas, a happy new year, and enjoyed some downtime over the holiday period. Clubs are starting to get back into the swing of things, with plenty of nippers already hitting the beach for the first sessions of 2020.

If you have any feedback or would like to contribute to the Nipper Newsletter, please contact the SLSQ Membership Development Team on or (07) 3846 8000.


·         Around the Grounds

·         Hero nipper saves four

·         Junior Age Awards (Education)

·         Junior Surf Sports 

·         Games Manual 


The State Junior Activities Advisory Panel (JAAP) will be meeting in February.

The purpose of the State JAAP is to provide representation to our largest portion of membership at the State Membership Services Committee (MSC). The JAAP makes recommendations to the MSC, and provide valuable insight on decisions that are made for
our members.

If you have anything that needs to be brought to the attention of the State JAAP, please speak with your club’s Junior Activities Chairperson who, in turn, will speak to the relevant Branch Junior Activities Chairperson.


Clubs enjoyed some downtime over the holiday period and most branches took advantage by conducting membership development programs across various regions including the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and North Barrier. There were also a number of club-based camps run throughout holidays to keep everyone active and out of their parents’ hair!​

One of our young members made news for all the right reasons over the holidays, using his lifesaving skills to rescue four adults from a treacherous rip.
Fourteen-year-old Clayton Schilg (pictured above) was holidaying with his family in northern New South Wales when the amazing rescue story unfolded.
Around 2 pm on Thursday, 9 January, a group of swimmers entered the water at an unpatrolled stretch of coast on Wooyung Beach, before getting caught in a rip and getting swept out to sea.
Hearing their cries for help, Clayton rushed to assist, grabbing a nearby surfboard before heading out into the water. Using the skills he learned while training at Tweed Heads & Coolangatta SLSC, Clayton navigated the tricky conditions, managed the panicking swimmers, and used his board to help four adults back to shore.
This story could have had a much different outcome if it weren’t for Clayton’s remarkable bravery and actions that day. Congratulations Clayton! It’s a wonderful example of the vital skills and awareness our young members learn through the surf lifesaving movement.
Junior Activities is a fun way for children to enjoy the beach in a safe environment, while also offering an educational pathway through the delivery of SLSA’s Junior Development Program. This program is designed to ensure children have fun at the beach while participating in lessons that will provide them with a pathway to become an active participant in both lifesaving and sports activities.
As part of the Junior Development and Junior Activities Programs, youngsters have the opportunity to gain a junior development award each season. Those wishing to compete in inter‐club events must complete their award prior to the close of entries of their respective Branch and/or State Championships.
Each member should be encouraged to attain their respective age award regardless of whether they are competing or not.
Unsure if your nipper has completed their award? Check with their age manager or the
club administrator.
For more information about the Junior Education Awards simply head to the SLSQ APP HERE! 


Nippers across the state are gearing up for their respective Branch Championships to be held across Queensland in February:
·  Wide Bay Capricorn Branch – 29th  February & 1st March
·  Sunshine Coast Branch
·  U11-U15 Water – 8th  February
·  U11-U15 Beach – 9th  February
·  U8-U10 – 2nd  February
·  South Coast Branch
·  U8-U10 – 16th  February
·  U11-U15– 8th  & 9th  February
·  Point Danger Branch
·  U11-U14 – 8th  & 9th  February
·  U8-U10 – 10 February
Also a special congratulations to all those who competed in their Branch Surf Rescue Championship in January.
Queensland Youth Champs
The 2020 Queensland Youth Championships are set to take place at Alexandra Headland across three days from March 20-22.
State Board Riding Championship Results
The Queensland Board Riding Championships saw  150 surf lifesavers, from nippers through to masters, swap their rescue tubes for long and shortboards as they hit the waves to showcase their surfing skills. The Championships were held at Alexandra Headland across two days from January 18-19, with Noosa Heads taking out both the overall and handicap point scores.
Interstate Results
The Queensland Cyclones Youth Team recently hit the sand and surf at the 2020 Interstate Championships at Alexandra Headland on Friday, 24 January. After a tough day of racing from all competitors, the team finished second, just behind NSW.


SLSQ’s games manual has a wide range of different activities that can be built into weekly nipper sessions to help build leadership, teamwork, and fun. 
The games in the manual are designed to supplement existing training and are not intended to replace the assessment criteria, which is required to be completed by members to obtain their Junior Development Age Award
 There are a range of different water- and beach-based activities, which can be tailored to suit any age or skill level. For example, the two-person tube challenge is a great activity to help practice and refine some of the core water skills.
·         2 x tubes per group of three
·         Water safety
·         5 x rescue tubes
·         4 x patrol uniforms
·         10 x rope ties
Minimum Numbers
·         Six
·         To teach the participants skills to do a tube rescues in a surf-related environment.
Related Events
·         Surf rescue certificate and Bronze medallion.
1. Participants are to form into groups of three.
2. Each group is given two rescue tubes. Two people are the rescuers and one person is the patient.
3. Water safety officers are to set a mark which the patients are to swim to.
4. Once all the patients are set, the instructor gives the command for the rescuers to enter the water.
5. The rescuers swim out to their patient, one rescuer attaches the tube to the patient as normal, and the second rescuer attaches their tube to the ring of the tube around the patient.
6. Both rescuers swim the patient back to the shore.
7. Rotate so that everyone gets a turn doing each of the rescues. You may like to make it a race.
Other Options
More patients and rescues working together (ensure water safety requirements are met).
Want to find more games that you can use to keep your nippers engaged? Head on over to the SLSQ App and you will find over 75 different activities, varying from flat water, surf, beach and
classroom ideas!
If you are doing these activities or have your own that you are doing, record an explanation video and send it through – we would love to be able to share these ideas and provide demonstrations for others to be able to use.
As we head into 2020, I would like to thank all the age managers and education officers at our clubs across the state for ensuring our nippers have gained their Junior Age Awards. To everyone competing at Branch Youth Championships next month, I wish you all the best and I hope to see you all at the Queensland Youth Championships at Alexandra Headland in March.
Congratulations to Nobbys Beach SLSC member Nick Marshall, who was recently nominated for an Australia Day award in the Local Hero category. Nick created the Albatross Nippers, an inclusive program designed to provide all children with an opportunity to participate in surf lifesaving.
Stay safe and we will see you on the beach.

Ray Fien 
State Junior Activities Advisor
Surf Life Saving Queensland   

Jamie Findlay
Membership Development Manager
Surf Life Saving Queensland