Youth Program

At Mackay we have adopted the Youth Excellence Program (YEP’s) for members in the u/14 to u/19 age groups. The program is designed to motivate, recognise and reward youth, while providing them with the opportunity to explore and become involved in a range of areas within the movement which they may not have previously considered. The structure of the program not only rewards and recognises youth participants for their commitment but also sets achievable goals to encourage on-going participation across a range of lifesaving activities while promoting leadership skills, personal development and social interaction with peers.

YEPs also encourages a sense of organisational commitment and pride and assists clubs with the process of succession planning through the identification of future leaders.

204.12.18 – 2019 Breaka Youth Excellence Program – CALL FOR LEADERS-MENTORS (18+)

Successful Application to attend the 2020 Youth Excellence Program.

Participants: Congraulations!!!!!!!!

Arthur Alexandre G.L De Sousa

Kate Born

Klara Close

Pop over to the YEP Program to see what they will be doing.